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From Chesapeake Bay in the east to the Appalachians in the west, Virginia’s natural beauty is just as rich as its history and as diverse as its people. The state is home to miles of forested lowlands and highlands. It hosts the nesting grounds of giant birds of prey, both local and from far away. It features marshes crisscrossed with rivers, around which you’ll see unique flora and fauna. Virginia is home to as many as five distinct geographical regions, and there is a lot to see here.

Below the mountains you’ll find rolling hills and plateaus that lie between the Appalachians on the one hand and the low river valleys and Atlantic coast on the other. Here, the weather is optimal for growing grapes. Many wineries dot the landscape below Piedmont’s Scenic Overlooks.

For more information on climatic changes in Virginia, don’t forget to read “Virginia’s Documented Climate Changes”