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Virginia for many years now has been known for her natural beauty long before Europeans set their feet on the land. The natural wonders of Virginia attract a lot of people from different places in the world who just come to enjoy the natural environs. Virginia residents build their culture and customs around the beauties which make tourist keep coming in the wonderful state. Touring Virginia can be the choice to make since no country can match the natural sceneries in this state. Majority of visitors end up finding ways to become residents to continue enjoying the natural beauty. Many places in the state keep on feeling residents and visitors with joy every time they visit them. In our opinion, Virginia is the best state to visit during holidays or vacations since it hosts everything you might need regarding natural beauty to feel relaxed and comfortable.

What are some of the unbeatable natural beauties in Virginia?

Growl Boyz - Ancient Cult

Growl Boyz – Ancient Cult

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Mormon Boyz / Missionary Boys

Mormon Boyz / Missionary Boys

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Virginia hosts different beautiful sceneries that will make you wish to be a resident if you are a visitor from another state. The natural beauties include;

  1. Natural Bridge, Rockbridge County

    Natural Bridge

The natural bridge in Virginia is among the Seven Wonders of the World. It has a 215-foot arch and 90-foot span not forgetting the green environment around it. Despite looking like it was formed during the carven collapse, locals’ claim it appeared as an escape route that people used during battles. The bridge was seen for the first time by Europeans in the 1940s and survey later by George Washington in 1950. To date, the natural bridge is one of the most famous destinations in Virginia

  1. Luray Caverns

Not all natural beauties in Virginia are above the ground some like Luray Caverns is underground and is among the most prominent carvers in the East. The caverns contain stalactites halls, lifelike formations and reflecting pools. The Luray caverns still stand to be the most excellent stopover for tourists traveling to Shenandoah Valley.

  1. Natural Tunnel, Duffield

Once known as an 8th wonder of the world is a 300-yard tunnel going through the Appalachian Mountains with a wide opening that has been serving as a railway tunnel from 1893. Despite the fact that the Native Americans have known the shaft before Europeans, David Boone is said to be the one who discovered the tunnel. Annual Xmas celebrations among other significant events take place in the part surrounding the tunnel.

  1. Crabtree Falls, Montebello

    Crabtree Falls

Crabtree falls is a sequence of waterfalls that total to 12,000 feet making them the highest dropping waterfalls in the east of Mississippi and is very famous in Virginia. The falls make favorite site for hiking to many visitors from inside and outside the state.

Why should you visit Virginia?

Apart from the above must-see natural beauties Virginia still stands out among the best tourist destinations in the world. There are other best places you can visit in the state such as Burke’s Garden in Tazewell County, Break Interstate Park and Great Dismal Swamp among many other amazing destinations.

Virginia, we authoritatively say it’s a dream destination for any person who would wish to enjoy the beauty of nature, especially during holidays and vacations. The fantastic destinations also are best for the honeymoon, and you should never doubt the comfort when you wish to have a good time with your spouse or family.