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Recently, we came across the heart-breaking news where the fires blazed Amazon. We humans are so caught up in modernization that we are unable to see and understand the damage we are doing to the planet. So, what are the measures taken by the government to preserve the wildlife and landscapes?

US federal agencies have always played an important role when it comes to the preservation of wildlife and landscapes. In fact, it all began hundreds of years ago when National Park Services came into existence.

Now, let’s talk about The Endangered Species Act, which is one of the most effective and mandatory US environmental laws. According to this law, the people of America must join hands with the government to save the species that are in danger of going extinct. The key elements of this law include;

  • The species listed cannot be harmed or killed.
  • Everyone is responsible when it comes to the protection of the species’ habitat.
  • To come up with plans to promote healthy populations.

One of the best parts about this act is that it not only aims at protection the charismatic wildlife, such as the grizzly bears, but it also takes care of other species that are obscure.

The next in the list is the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act. Since almost one-third of the US wildlife species are at a vulnerable spot or at a risk of going extinct, this act will restore the essential habitat of all the endangered species and implement strategies that will help preserve the wildlife.

The government is also taking measures to protect the environment and landscapes. Since the start of 1960, the government has shown its concern regarding the various environmental issues. In 1970, it came up with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), whose main aim to maintain the health of the environment. That being said, the government is doing its part. But, we can all come together to do our bit to save our planet.

Measures You Can Take To Protect Wildlife And Landscapes

  • When it comes to landscaping your yard, do it after you put some thought into it and do it in a way that you don’t drive the local wildlife away.
  • Always keep your cats indoors as they don’t think twice before killing a bird and that bird could be endangered.
  • Clean litter, even if you see them on the beach or a picnic spot, do your bit.
  • Plant a garden.
  • Set up bird houses.
  • Reduce carbon footprint.

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